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The People’s Book Project

This project seeks to facilitate the writing of a new book examining the nature, ideas, and institutions of power in our world, and to prepare a blueprint for change. That blueprint is The People’s Book Project.


  1. Zahid Chowdhury says:

    This sounds like a wonderful project. I would like to contribute a few thoughts here.

    In the last ten years, and especially since 2008, analysts and commentators and ordinary people around the world, have learned a lot about what is WRONG with our current global economic and political system. At the same time, we have learned a lot about what is RIGHT, what changes need to be made. However, until we the people have a universal consciousness, universal energy, universal voice making universal demands, it is doubtful that the old system will really change. I hope The People’s Book will bring out a universal formulation of what is WRONG, and also what is RIGHT i.e. what needs to change.

    There are many people and organisations that are trying to REPAIR the old system, and very few are working to CREATE a new system. I hope that The People’s Book will be about creating the new system. Those who have wealth and power in the old system will mightily resist any real transformation of the old system such that it serves the people rather than the ruling elite. Institutions do not create people, people create institutions. It seems to me that people who are waking up to a new consciousness need to get together, join their heads, hearts and hands, and build the new system, rather than blaming the elite of the old system and asking them to change. They cannot and will not change at the level of action without a shift in their consciousness, which is highly unlikely; and we the people simply cannot wait for them or depend on them anymore. What’s more, the status quo is likely to throw all kinds of chaos at us, like the police state, the next big economic crash, and WWIII. Let us create something new instead.

    Let us build a global federation of sovereign nation states, each a constitutional republic, with a national central bank, a national credit system, reinstall the Glass-Steagall Act, ban all financial speculation and derivatives, get the governments and national banks give out long-term low-interest loans for massive public projects, establish fixed exchange rates among currencies, cancel all sovereign debts, end the foreclosures and bailouts, end the efforts towards undemocratic superstates like the EU and the American Union, abolish the U.N. Security Council, abolish the World Bank, the IMF, the WTO, the BIS, and NATO; end all the wars and the building and continuation of nuclear weapons; let us invest in alternative energy development; and within each nation, let us create human-scale local cooperative communities along the lines of Transition Towns and Eco-Villages, practice organic, permaculture, biodynamic farming, make local communities largely self-sufficient. Let us live as one human family, without discrimination based on race, colour, religion, nationality, gender, age, political views, sexual orientation, income bracket.

    Let us use the internet to connect all seven billion and speak as one voice that no power on earth can deny or ignore.

    Most of all, let us all wake up as spiritual beings having a human experience.

    Let us re-enchant the world.

    • Christopher Cruz says:

      great comments, yeah its the system that must be change, reform or any other means will be useless, we had to create a new system where all will be benefited

    • Zahid Chowdhury says:

      WHAT IS THE ROOT PROBLEM faced by this planet today? I propose that it is not primarily financial, economic, social or political. It is a CULTURAL problem! Our primary or ROOT problem is our limited and distorted perception of reality! As long as we humans see ourselves as separate body-emotion-mind animals in a hostile world struggling to ensure survival, pleasure and power — all of us together create a field of energy and consciousness that is dark and destructive, and then certain characters on the world scene become conduits of that dark energy, like volcanoes on the Earth’s crust. But the magma in the mantle is COLLECTIVE HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS BASED ON SEPARATENESS. We 7 billion are responsible for this. We CAN change this and we must. BUT The only real revolution is in our consciousness. If ordinary people around the world wake up to their true nature, and to the true nature of reality, which is CONSCIOUS LIGHT, beyond birth and death. Then we can no longer be exploited by dark-minded individuals and institutions of any kind. And we don’t have to fight them either. Non-violent non-cooperation is sufficient.

      • R.J. says:

        I agree,….but, our CULTURE is being controlled, manipulated, and more and more being CREATED by the mainstream media (which is controlled by the uber-!%) for their ongoing nefarious agendas.

    • Liquid Space Design says:

      Your ideas, thoughts and intellect are much respected Zahid. Thank you for your hopeful and inspiring comment brother.

  2. PSM says:

    I have already asked Andrew to research something more beyond the study of institutions and history itself. I have nothing against those studies. In fact, that is how I started to understand the world later in my teens – however, history, institutions, and evolutionary change of these forces are not enough. The book must also appeal to those, “minority” – often scary, spooky interests that Andrew HAS NOT looked into – like the occult, Freemasonry, and the role language plays in shaping and suggesting our perceived reality into being.

    It would not be so much of a, “people’s book” project if it did not cover these more sinister, albeit darker topics as well. Anyone with a library card or some money I am sure can find out the stuff about institutions, histories, and ideologies. Now, Andrew has to go beyond that. Way beyond the norm. The norm has been so normalized I am being numbed by it.

    What he is doing thus far is a little mediocre – and amateurish. Get into the occult – study the secrets of Freemasonry, Skull & Bones, Bohemian Grove, Knights Templar, Knights of Malta, Knights of Columbus, and many more. To neglect the study of these forces would be very much ignoring the other 90% of the iceberg BENEATH the ocean of secrets that Andrew has admitted he knows nothing about, nor does he have any interest in it as he proclaimed on Facebook. Unfortunately, it would be very much like ignoring the first 2 years of your life if you know what I mean. Time to penetrate the unconscious mind Andrew. The external is but a reflection of the internal mind-set.

    Andrew ought to know to never accept anything by its surface features. He would not be an academic if he did.


    • Zahid Chowdhury says:

      There is a story that quotes the Buddha saying, “If you are struck by an arrow, you don’t have a discussion about who made it, who shot it, what is it made of — first thing you do is pull it out.”

      I think it is too late in the day to argue about who are the “bad guys” — we know well enough that the US-UK-NATO-Israel elite bankers-hedge funds-corporations-politicians-oil companies-defence companies are creating hell on Earth. But who gave power to the elite who are causing all this? We the people did! In our sleep, our complacence, while watching TV and looking for the good life at the cost of the natural and the human world.

      So what is needed urgently is a formulation of —


      Ordinary people worldwide must speak with one voice and make universal demands for the well being of all.

      The status quo will not and cannot change. Blaming them is not productive. Simply stop supporting the old system. Use non-violent non-cooperation.

      The people have to create a new system from scratch.

  3. Zahid Chowdhury says:

    Is everyone on this forum watching the news? It seems that the media is building a case for an attack on Iran by the end of November! In just the last week so many reports have come out that it seems like a concerted effort. So we are looking at WWIII really — with USA-UK-NATO-Israel waging war against Iran-Russia-China. On the Israel side, via USA, there is likely support from Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Turkey, and occupied Iraq and Afghanistan. On the Iran side there is like support from Syria, Lebanon and Egypt.

    Think it all sounds too crazy? Think again. And don’t be surprised if you hear the new great war has begun — sometime by the end of this month. Projects like The People’s Book, and ordinary people all around the world, must demand that we want peace for all. We have had enough of insane unnecessary wars.

  4. R.J. says:

    Never going to happen!!! Why? Because the ones in real power… the ‘Uber-Elite’ (which control the 1%) will never relinquish control. And,… they control the ones who control the Police and armed forces, which would be set off at a moments notice to squelch any significant uprisings, and plant THEIR people into newly opened positions of power i.e. puppet gov’ts.
    I truly wish it could be as easy as you’re making it sound. “Let us build a global……..” It sure would be nice, but it won’t happen until the slate is wiped completely clean and the uber-elite agenda of depopulation has been accomplished. Until then, the ones who will survive, will be the ones can AFFORD to survive..!

  5. stoked says:

    The democratic system functions as it always has and always will. Exactly how it’s supposed to. Tyranny of the majority at it’s best, more often tyranny of the ultra-rich and their butt-sniffers.

    The state is the problem, and nothing will change as long as it exists. The solution is to withdraw as much as possible and create (or reinforce) our own new alternative economies and support networks. As long as we allow them to steal money from us, our children, and grandchildren nothing will change. It never has and it never will.

    Thanks, Andrew for finally calling our economic system what it is. STATE capitalism. As an anarchist, I’m tired of hearing lefty-anarchists calling our system “capitalism”. It’s not. I’m also tired of right-anarchist/libertarians calling it “socialism”. It’s clearly not that either.

    Non-violent communication is VERY useful when discussing these topics for anyone interested.

  6. moi says:

    How can I contribute!?

  7. pat says:

    I like your work, usually meticulously researched and topics I have interest in. On one of the recent podcasts you dealt a lot with corporations and plunder (I do enjoy your judicious use of the word). This is beyond obvious to pretty much everyone these days. But I was absolutely flabbergasted by the fact that you failed to mention the fact that corporations are STATE creations. They don’t exist! They literally are state creations of legalized plunder in exchange for tax revenue, campaign donations and bribes! How can the topic of LLCs even be raised without this critical fact?

    You also discussed logic, then went into a radically illogical argument about the virtues of collectivism! Then discussed “Anthropomorphic Global Warming”. Have you not read (or even heard of) any of the tens of thousands of leaked documents from the “top scientists” on the IPCC detailing exactly how they were falsifying all the data (which nevertheless is STILL wrong) . I mean… I don’t even know what to say about that…

    I really strongly recommend any communist-anarchist or socialists to check out Johnson/Chartiers fabulous book for left-libertarians “Markets Not Capitalism”

    and also on of the BEST websites going:

    I really didn’t want this to sound like a rant, though it does.

  8. Glenn79 says:

    What will be the new system? As long as man runs the world their will be dictators and hermit countries like North Korea that believe their current ruler is God or worse there is no God at all. In the West you can speak out against your leader. Today a man that tells who Vladimir Putin really is was put in jail for joining a rally. Write a new book. What will the title be? Inaction. Inaction allows people like the Taliban and a country like Russia that claims to be a democracy to take land from other countries that are weaker. Right now a big rock is being disputed by China, Japan, Vietnam, and other countries that know they will never win that war. Please write this new book of Inaction and see how fast it is portrayed for weakness.

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