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VIDEO: Probably Possible


  1. Gerald Parker says:

    I greatly admire Andrew Gavin Marshall, and Canada and Qu├ębec are deeply blessed to have a mind like his commenting on the current downslide into fascism and ruin in North America. I have to admit, though, that his texts usually are so long that I just do not have the patience to read them at the computer; sometimes I just read the beginnings and ends and leave it at that. His reporting and commentary are more suitable to be in print form as magasine articles.

  2. Gerald Parker says:

    At least (re. what I wrote above) this video’s comments are blessedly succinct and, as always with Andrew Gavin Marshall, very wise. I like this exercise of verbal virtuousity, too. “Go get ’em, Andrew!!”

  3. Hamish says:

    “a new era built from the bottom up built from creative cooperation”…”hope in creative capacity”

  4. Tim Hanley says:


    Do you know of David Wilcock’s research?

    CONFIRMED: U.S. Military Alliance Defeating Federal Reserve

    This take-down includes a global coalition that the “good guys” in the USA are collaborating with.

    Is this true?

    My brother Dan Hanley is a former Navy and United Airlines captain who became a very active whistleblower (Google search “Captain Dan Hanley”). Dan worked within a wide network of whistleblowers, mainly current and retired military and intelligence people, until his family life, his career, his health and his entire life were decimated by the ramifications of his efforts to expose criminality.

    Dan can verify that Wilcock’s assertions in the above link most certainly contains a lot of true, verified information.

    If this take-down is authentic…not a ruse by the cabal…the take-down very apparently must take place before October 1 of this year. Being the astute researcher you are, you’re undoubtedly aware of the Emergency FEMA Alert recently insured for FEMA Region 3, which includes Washington, D.C. (if not, Google search emergency alert for fema region 3). My take is that the cabal continues to refuse to lay down and die, and so are about to be forcefully removed.

    As you allude to in your right-on poem, it’s now or never…for humanity to wake up from their trance, purge the anti-life mental and enotional field lurking both outside and within each individual, and become humane again.

    Thank you so much for your work, Andrew!

    Tim Hanley
    Henderson, Nevada
    cell: (702) 860-8575

  5. Tim Hanley says:


    i assume you are aware that the central nexus of the powers that have plagued and decimated humanity’s social, political and spiritual sense of self for millennia, is the Church of Rome and its more recent spawn, Vatican, Inc.

    Please check out the following if you are not aware of the campaign being waged by the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, spearheaded by Kevin Annett (i passed information about it to you previously).

    i myself am 100% convinced that the extreme degree of depravity and wickedness ravaging the world now is in fact invoking its polar, complementary opposite, and that the human soul (psyche/consciousness field) is now in fact peering with the Light of Truth into the up-to-now darkened chambers of its underworld. These two extremes are now poised to mutually discharge their (electrical) potential in an alchemical “conjunction of opposites” as the anti-life currents illuminated within the human psyche are transmuted into enlightened, life-potentiating powers, resulting in transcendence to a reality system based on Natural Law, as practiced by so many former and current native and spiritual traditions. (in regard to the above theme, see Paul Levy’s outstanding exposition at

    Hope this rings true in your heart, Andrew!

    With you in The One Heart,

    Tim Hanley
    …This campaign will include as its aim the annulment of the so-called Lateran Treaty between Italy and the Vatican which protects the church from prosecution for its crimes against humanity.

    …Meanwhile, the planned convergence of spiritual elders and survivors of church torture on the Vatican on Sunday, September 22 is proceeding with a new vigor.

    …In an August 20 statement issued by Not in Our Name! (Non!), a coalition of Catholic and Protestant clergy based in America that is co-sponsoring the Assembly, it is stated, “The Vatican has already been legally disestablished and found guilty of abominable crimes in the common law courts of mankind. Now we are spiritually disestablishing that church and creating a new way for Christians to end their legacy of Imperial Christianity, church-protected child rape and genocide. Christ is not the Church.

    …”This Assembly is a an act of repentance and exorcism, done through the will of God and the least of God’s children. Now is the time for all true Christians to leave the false church, and let the dead souls in Rome bury their own dead.” *
    (* To contact Not in Our Name! write to thecommonland at

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  7. debbie steele says:

    Thank you for your compassion and empathy. You are a poet of life.Truth and action with deep respect for all life.You give me courage.

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