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Interview: The Language of Political Orthodoxy

The following is my recent interview on Fairdinkum Radio about The Language of Political Orthodoxy

Leon is joined by Andrew Gavin Marshal, who is a regular contributor to where he presents a regular podcast entitled ‘Empire Power and People.’ Andrew joins us to discuss the language of Political Orthodoxy in our nations and societies worldwide.

George Orwell wrote: “Doublethink means to be able to think two contradictory things at once without being aware of the contradiction. In other words, one is conscious of telling the truth while telling lies, forgetting whatever one needs to forget and then remembering it when needed, only to forget again. Doublethink is essential for political orthodoxy.”

Together we discuss the Doublethink and Doublespeak being incorporated into a new language in each generation. Terms such as: Economic investment, Free trade capitalism, Austerity, Barriers to investment, and Job security. We examine the reality of these terms ans how the people in resistance are a threat to the power structures developing the Global management Program.

Listen here:

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