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The Great Global Crisis in Book Form

Progress on the People’s Book Project has been coming along nicely, thanks to the generous donations from supporters in the past couple months. The first volume of the People’s Book Project will primarily focus on issues related to the global economic and financial crisis, covering the growth and power of corporations and banks, the causes and consequences of the crisis in North America and Europe, the subsequent debt crises, austerity and “adjustment” programs, as well as popular resistance to them, global poverty, land grabs, water grabs, food crises and many other relevant issues, identifying the key institutions, ideologies and individuals who are plundering, exploiting, and exerting power over the world we all live in.


Recently, I have been writing about the European debt crisis, focusing on the role played by a major business lobby group known as the European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT), who shape and monitor the policies pursued by the EU; the new Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, the largest “free trade” agreement in the world to be negotiated between the US and EU; global “free trade” agreements and the new global corporate order being constructed; the G20 and its role in shaping global governance as well as the corporations and banks that shape its policies; the actions and roles played by central banks in advancing and shaping elite agendas, and much much more!

I’ve been quite productive on the book, and also have been working on a number of other initiatives simultaneously. By narrowing the focus of the first volume to that related to the economy, corporate, financial and poverty-related issues, I will be able to speed up the completion of the first volume in the next couple months. This has only been – and will only remain – possible due to the generous support from readers, so thank you for that continuous investment in my research and writing!

On top of the book, I have been working on the early stages of a continuous research project for called the ‘Global Power Project,’ analyzing the names and influence wielded by the global elite, through a variety of different institutions. I have also been involved in the starting stages of a new progressive and radical think tank as chair of the Geopolitics Division for the Hampton Institute, named after Chicago Black Panther Party leader Fred Hampton. On top of that, I have been doing a few commissioned articles for publications like AlterNet, am preparing research for an article I was asked to write for an academic journal, and I have begun work with some friends and colleagues on the creation of our own non-profit organization, dedicated to starting projects which aim to expand understanding and interaction between activists, intellectuals, and interested individuals from around the world in helping to create a new world for the benefit of all.

So, I’ve been quite busy, which helps explain the lack of updates on the Book Project, but rest assured, I have been putting in a lot of time and effort on the book, and am getting much closer to the point where I can finish the initial writing stage and begin editing it together into a more coherent and consistent narrative.

For work to proceed, I of course must return to asking my generous readers for their continued investments and support for the People’s Book Project. If you have the means, please consider investing and helping the Project move forward (and fast!) in the near future.


Andrew Gavin Marshall


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