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Nearing the half-way mark!

The People’s Book Project is nearing the half-way mark in its fundraising goal of $2,000, having raised $785.00 thus far!


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The People’s Book Project is a crowd-funded research and writing project, aimed at producing a series of books examining the ideas, institutions, and individuals of power and resistance across a wide array of political, economic, social, and historical spheres. The current fundraising effort is aimed at generating funds to finance progress on the first volume of the Book Project until May.

Several chapters will be completed and work will be done on others with the aid of the funds raised, including, but not limited to the following topics: Food crisis, land grabs, global poverty, corporate power and profits, think tanks, the development of imperial strategy, empire in the age of Obama, environmental degradation, indigenous resistance, and the encroaching police state. Some of these chapters are near completion, and some have yet to be started, focusing primarily on research at the moment.

With the help of readers and supporters, the People’s Book Project hopes to provide an easily accessible resource for activists and all who are interested in changing the world for the better by examining the function of power in institutions, the individuals who wield power, the ideologies which support it, the methods and structure of empire, war,and  economic exploitation, the causes of poverty and the evolution of resistance and revolutionary movements as a useful guide for the future.

Help the People’s Book Project move forward in aiming to complete the First Volume!

Thank you,

Andrew Gavin Marshall

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  1. Kerry Calvi says:

    Thanks for all your hard work Andrew. I have really enjoyed your articles that I have I found early on at the Center for Global Research.

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