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Recent Interviews: Tunisia’s Unfinished Revolution and Global Drone Wars

The following are two recent interviews of mine, with CBC Radio and Fairdinkum Radio, respectively, on Tunisia and drone wars.

CBC The Current: What Happened to Tunisia’s Revolution?

The assassination of a popular opposition leader has some Tunisians wondering if the instability unleashed by their revolution is worth it. We speak to some who believe it is. As Tunisians mourn a popular opposition leader, many wonder what’s become of their Arab Spring.

Listen Here.

Fairdinkum Radio: Drone Warfare

Leon is joined by Andrew Gavin Marshall, who is a regular contributor to where he presents a regular podcast entitled ‘Empire Power and People.’

Together we discuss the use of un manned aerial vehicles commonly known as Drones, is an emerging phenomena of our generation. These silent deadly eyes in the sky, can see, listen, target and destroy anything and anyone that their operators, sitting in air conditioned comfort of a control room thousands of kms away decide is a legitimate target.

With the Anglo American ongoing Imperialist agenda for world domination, these silent deadly unfeeling killers are an invaluable asset for Imperialist forces that have a thirst for the blood of nations in their sites. While we the people are tired of War, the commanders and engineers of death have found a new way to invigorate their forces and send their killers into the battle, without suffering the natural feelings of guilt, shock and psychological torment that comes with killing your fellow created beings upon command.

Listen here.

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