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Introduction to the Sociopathic Society

The following is a video update for The People’s Book Project


  1. Patrick Scannell says:

    I recommend using a different background for your vid there, partner. Those movie posters make it look a bit student-ish and scholastic rather than professional and serious, which tone you do have!

  2. Matt Prather says:

    Thanks for the update.

    That list of topics sounds really good to me.

    The conception of things as a sociopathic society, with problems at the top of our hierarchical systems of governance and power (be sure to read “corporate power” among the other varieties of power that exist), is a good and useful one. I encourage you to go forward with it.

    Let me also suggest that there are problems at the bottom level and intermediary levels, which affect people of all varieties of, and many relative strengths or weakness in, intellect — and affects people of a wide variety of cultures and upbringings. This is a problem of, in a single word: hypocrisy.

    I have come to believe that, for all the blame which may be rightfully assigned to the tops of the systems, people will not be able to liberate themselves into any meaningful change of governance or power until they are able to see certain errors in their own ways, at their own levels, which have been feeding and fueling the problems of this world order as much as the “sociopaths” at the top. And everyone has their own certain errors, and far be it from me to say I can identify them in everyone else.

    I am just saying that I have seen, repeatedly and repeatedly and repeatedly, a problem in individuals that they don’t understand why the system is “bad” until it hurts them personally, and only then they become motivated — again, out of personal interest — to change the system. And, worse, once they are galvanized to activism and change, they still suffer the same egotistical blind spots, and they want to change the system in a way that benefits themselves, but they are still so blind to the problems that may be created for others under their proposed solutions.

    My proferred solution goes something like this: let each of us start confessing our own “sins” in equal proportion to the “sins” of others which we identify at all levels of the power structures around us. Let this bottom-up process then organically start to work out and develop new, yet-un-thought-of solutions and alternative systems, in a long and unpredictable reconciliation process.

    It is a mistake to think that any one person has the solution for everyone, or to demand that everyone else come around to our own individual ways of thinking and seeing.

    Refuse to go to war or to commit ourselves to violence for any reason but for the very most fundamental, personal reasons we have that would make us commit violence. Far be it from me to tell a man or woman when he absolutely may not take violent action (maybe it’s the only way for him or his loved ones to survive), but on the other hand, we can form systems that approximate justice and do the best we can do to arbitrate behavior for alleged criminal acts. Juries and judges can work, if we do our best to keep them honest.

    We have been conditioned into “false dilemmas” (falsely limited numbers of choices), and this makes us game-able and programmable at the system level. If our elite-level masters know that each of us believes in only choices A-B-C-D, or B-D-F, or X-Y-Z, then we become game-able by them. The trick is for each person to realize the errors in his own thinking, and see more choices than his mind was frozen into believing were the only choices.

    Let us all start becoming smarter than we were taught to be, and start reconciling with each other from a place of mutual admission of wrong-ness. We are all in the biggest cult of all time (Western systems of media, law, and money) and we all need to work out a personal de-programming program from this cult. It can happen. Humans do have free will, if not totally free at least in some quantum way coming out of every moment. We are always working our free will at any given present moment.

    That’s my contribution to this page, Andrew. I am not asking you to “listen to me” and “do what I say,” and I still completely endorse your effort to focus on the elite-level criminals. This note is just to serve as a reminder to individual people that we all probably do have something to blame in ourselves as well, and it is a mistake to focus only on the others from ourselves.

    * * *

    Here are some things I have written which may or may not be relevant

  3. Nawaz Ansari says:

    Lol, I paid more attention to what you had to say in the video Andrew (Which I totally agree to) rather than to look around and try to figure out the video background.

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