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Volume 1 of the People’s Book Project

An update for the People’s Book Project is very much in order. It has been a very tumultuous past month or so for me, with my computer essentially crashing, getting sick, and then entering a period of what is commonly referred to as “writer’s block,” the first time I have ever had any experience with such a thing. Usually, my interest simply drives my writing, and while it is expansive and seemingly never-ending, it is consistent and takes on a life of its own. I write whatever inspires me most at that particular time. Well, a few weeks ago, my interests were all over the place, and I was researching, reading, and writing about several different subjects at once, unable to focus on one facet. Then, suddenly, I was unable to focus on anything, and lacked all motivation and inspiration. Writer’s block was not something I ever believed in, until it suddenly happened to me, and it was a new experience.

But thankfully, it is now also over, and I am back to doing what I have to do and what I do best. The first volume of The People’s Book Project is seeing progress, and I am trying to keep the focus on the years from when the economic crisis began in 2008, though I will have to include some historical analysis just to establish a little context. The real history, however, will be left for future volumes of the Project. This volume aims to examine primarily the global economic crisis, its origins and evolution, the bailouts, the banks, and the debt crisis in Europe and elsewhere, the austerity and “structural adjustment” programs of impoverishment and exploitation, the corporate and financial plundering of the world; the expanded imperial policies of the Obama administration and its NATO allies (“puppets”), and I am just about to begin work on the chapter covering the Arab Spring, its origins, power relations, conflicting agendas and ideologies, and the imperial attempts at co-optation and repression, including the war in Libya, conflict in Syria, potential war with Iran, etc. Also included in this volume will be a look at the development of global governance institutions and ideologies, regional governance institutions, trade blocs and global power networks; and of course, the growth of anti-austerity and resistance movements, across Europe, as well as the student movements in Quebec and Chile (as a few examples, there will be much more!), Occupy, and the methods of repression, police state measures and surveillance/control grids being established by the Western “democracies” as a form of repressing any attempt at change.

So there is a lot to cover, and a great deal I have already written, which is in need of editing and formatting properly within this volume. In order to continue with this work, I need your help, support, social networking skills, and donations in order to get the job finished and get this volume done and out as soon as possible!

Being an independent researcher and writer means having to ask for money a lot, which I am no fan of to be honest. But here I am, asking, all the same. It also means that I need to produce articles for publication in order to keep up traffic to my sites and generate readership which can, in turn, possibly donate or contribute to the Project. The unfortunate aspect of this is that it requires me to spend a good deal of time writing articles for posting online, time that is not used, then, for writing the actual book. This tends to delay the process. So I will attempt to focus on posting little excerpts instead of original content in the hopes of speeding up the process.

Again, thank you for all of your constant support, and if at all possible, please consider making a donation to The People’s Book Project!


Andrew Gavin Marshall

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  1. richiefoss says:

    I will certainly donate something. I think your work is great and I’m looking forward to the book. I’m in the process of making a blog to inspire my students to investigate more and take an interest in the things that affect us, and I will definately be reading your work. (I’m an English language teacher in Switzerland.) Well done and keep on going!
    Best regards

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