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Current Book Project: Over 300 pages completed on the Economic Crisis and Anti-Austerity Movements!

The People’s Book Project needs your support. The funds that were raised over the past two months have largely been used, and there is little more to last the next week or so. Thus far, I have raised $1,273 and need to raise another $1,227 for the current Book being worked on.

Roughly 300 pages of research have been completed on the current book, covering the global economic crisis and anti-austerity movements. I am finishing up the chapter on Greece, which is over 70 pages at the moment. More work is to come, but I need your support to continue!

Thank you to all who have donated and supported the Project, and who continue to do so.

Thank you,

Andrew Gavin Marshall


  1. jack graham says:

    Andrew, — I really like your material and approach. By the same token I am distressed that the Democrats in the United States have no answer to the austerity measures of Paul Ryan, because the party of honest money and the middle class has become the party of gay marriage and transgender rights. Oh how the mighty of fallen! I attach for your interest a speech given in honor of William Jennings Bryan. It’s not very long, only slighly more than 3000 words. How can they answer Paul Ryan if they know nothing of monetary reform? — J. R. G. —

  2. lordx101 says:

    Egypt is once again back to being a religious and sectarian extremist hub thanks to Morsi’s declaration that critics must be silenced. Congratulations on supporting the failed Arab Spring and Occupy movements. All resistance is futile. Welcome to your imaginary “democracy.” Is “love and hope” going to change the world? Not by one nanometer.

  3. Rubble says:

    The most fruitful political parties to watch for any hope to fight back against the global banking matrix with legitimate mass-movements are SYRIZA (Greece), Die Linke (Germany), Parti de Gauche (France), and Hreyfingin (Iceland). The key is a synthesis of dirigisme, left-libertarianism, and democratic socialism. Foundational to this is the re-nationalisation of the central banks, the ending of the IMF, World Bank, and the BIS, (thus striping awaythe private bankers’ systemic control), the issuance of interest-free financing through terra-tranches (one trillion dollars US) of ‘century bonds’, and a global ‘financial turnover tax’ of 1% to finance the build-out of vital infrastructures and preservation/expansion of social safety-nets. All else, including Occupy (co-opted by foundational control and toothless due to lack of demands, lack of political action plans, etc) will be futile.

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