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VIDEO: Is America Addicted to War?

For centuries the US has been a part of wars foreign and domestic. According to some numbers, the US Army flag has 183 campaign ribbons hanging by it and in the 236 years of America’s existence the country participates in an average of roughly 1.3 wars per year. Many feel that the US’ major export is war and many wonder why America so gun-ho about going to war? Andrew Gavin Marshall, project manager for, joins us helps us answer that question.


  1. Dr Goldstein says:

    It’s awesome to see Andrew getting more of the recognition he deserves as an exceptionally gifted and insightful analyst of world affairs. RT is globally popular… …”Question More” is what people want, and Andrew has the correct answers. Andrew’s ability to stay focused and unemotional, while revealing the disturbing realities at this pivotal time in history, is admirable.

    Please keep up the excellent work. When I get some extra coinage I’ll help out. A little here. A little there.


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