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Project Update: Book Progress, Grant Fundraiser, and Research Excerpts!

Progress has come along nicely in the past week. I have written 35 pages of the chapter on American imperialism in East and Southeast Asia, starting with some background, including the rise and fall of the Japanese Empire, and its designs for a ‘New Order’ in East Asia to establish a regional bloc under Japan’s control. Also included in this chapter was the 1898 American occupation of the Philippines and the Philippine-American War of 1899-1902, at which time the United States turned the country into a colony. A good deal more work to do on this chapter, but moving quickly and covering a great deal of fascinating information as I do it! I’ll most definitely release an excerpt from the portion on the Philippines, since it’s largely forgotten from American memory that they even had such a colony.

Over the previous week or so, I have also put out a few excerpts from The People’s Book Project, exclusively from chapters that have been written with the previous People’s Grant, so that, as promised, people may see where their donations are going and what kind of research is being undertaken. The excerpts are largely unedited and very rough drafts, primarily just of research documents, but they provide a glimpse into the work that is being done. For the first draft(s), the material is very rough, and the process is very time consuming, but it’s necessary: I soft through literally hundreds of declassified government documents, dozens upon dozens of academic journal articles, and several books; I then put in as much information as I feel relevant into a somewhat ordered sequence; and subsequently, for the first edit (second draft), I will go through and condense, remove what isn’t needed, keep only what is essential and create a thorough and smoothly transitioning flow through the information with commentary, analysis, and my own conclusions. That process, however, will have to wait. For now, it’s about the research and the rough draft: which is the hardest part (I hope!). So if you’re wondering why the excerpts are chunky, disorganized, heavy, and not free-flowing, that’s why!

All that being said, here is a list of recently published excerpts from The People’s Book Project:

“Fighting the “Rising Tide” of Arab Nationalism: The Eisenhower Doctrine and the Syrian Crisis”

“The U.S. Strategy to Control Middle Eastern Oil: “One of the Greatest Material Prizes in World History”

“Punishing the Population: The American Occupations of Haiti and the Dominican Republic”

In regards to the current People’s Grant with a goal of raising $1,600, thus far, the donations have totaled $285.00, meaning that I need to raise another $1,315!

In an attempt to draw attention to the chapters I am hoping to research and write for the latest People’s Grant, I produced a summary article of some of the research and ideas (but far from all) which I will be dealing with in the chapters:

“An Empire of Poverty: Race, Punishment, and Social Control”

Please support The People’s Book Project and donate to the latest People’s Grant!

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