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The People’s Grant: Goal Reached, Progress on Chapters

The People’s Grant, a funding mechanism for The People’s Book Project which was launched last week, has now reached its target goal, and has actually received donations amounting to $815.00 to complete work on four separate chapters on the American Empire. Thanks to everyone who has donated, promoted, and supported the Grant funding mechanism in any way, and your efforts and support has already been paying off. Any additional donations would be added to the current Grant, and would be greatly appreciated.

A great deal of work has been done on the chapter on the American Empire in Latin America. Beginning with the end of World War II, this chapter covers the National Security strategies of the United States in the region, U.S.-supported coups, destabilization campaigns, CIA and military operations, police and military aid, economic domination and corporate control of the resources, the Cuban revolution, and I am currently covering the U.S.-supported military coup in Brazil in 1964 which marked the transition to promoting neo-fascist National Security States in the region, as well as a new wave of resistance in large part mobilized by the development of Liberation Theology. This chapter still has more work to be done, but most of the research has been finished, and the majority of the writing is done. As for the chapter on the Middle East and North Africa, the main focus of what has been written thus far is on the origins of Israel, which have been posted as samples, as well as on the focus on the Middle East for its vast oil resources in controlling the world. A good deal of research has been done on moving this chapter forward, and I am intending to write about the Egyptian Revolution which brought Nasser to power, the threat to imperialism from Pan-Arabism, the Suez Crisis, the Algerian War of Independence, the Arab-Israeli War, the 1953 coup in Iran, other coups, military and covert operations, National Security strategies and economic domination. On the chapter on sub-Saharan Africa, a great deal of work has been done on the coup in the Congo in 1961, and a general look at the role of Western nations in ‘managing’ and fighting the various independence struggles emerging out of the colonial period, as well as the increasing economic dominance of those same Western powers. For the chapter on Southeast Asia, a small portion has been written on Vietnam (and specifically on the role of the Council on Foreign Relations in being a driving force for the Vietnam War), as well as on the coup in Indonesia as well as the subsequent economic plundering of the nation. More will be written on the comprehensive destabilization and wars in Indochina, regional coups, National Security strategy, economic exploitation and other important factors.

Clearly, there is a great deal of work to be done. I want to take each chapter up to roughly the early 70s, though there may be points of divergence among them, considering that there are certain developments in each region which may require an examination that does not presuppose a superficial cut-off date (such as the development of Liberation Theology in Latin America), and other factors. These four chapters alone could account for a short, but comprehensive book on the period in question, so I am hoping to stretch out the $800 donation as long as possible and to complete the work required as efficiently as possible.

So this is a wonderful start to The People’s Grants, and I thank everyone for their important and appreciated support!

I will be posting a small sample this week from the chapter on Latin America to show that already the support has produced results, and I will continue to provide samples and previews over the coming weeks. I may tend to make the samples shorter than some of the previous ones provided, so as to not spend too much time on editing what will change later on anyway, as well as to not give too much of the substance of the book away.

So thank you once again, and now I must get back to work!



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