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Interview with James Corbett on the High-Tech Police State

The following is an interview with James Corbett of The Corbett Report:

Writer, researcher and podcast host Andrew Gavin Marshall joins us to discuss the police state, the technologies that undergird it, and how the police state spreads across borders to become an international phenomenon. We talk about methods and techniques of control, and how they serve the interests of the social engineers.

Listen to the interview HERE


  1. vince white says:

    This is good interview as it’s one of the few that recognises technology as force in its own right. it’s about time conspiracy theorists understood the role of technology as independent of human will. We’re talking about technical systems which are self augmenting. The elite didn’t create the modern organisation techno-industrial system and it’s clear their decisions are just as informed by the system itself as anyone else living in it. The interview ends on the empty hope based on the false premise that the spread of information will change things from the ground up. It won’t. There’s absolutely no historical precedent for this assumption. The system is global not because of the Trilateral Commission but because the spread of technology is global. The New World Order is as inevitable as the sun rising and the incoming tide. Neither King Canute or any number of Tea Parties are going to stop it.

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