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Get an Exclusive Sneak Peak at an Entire Chapter from my Upcoming Book!

I am announcing a new initiative as a fundraising effort for The People’s Book Project:

Between October 31 and November 6, 2011, for every donation over $100.00, the donor will receive an entire chapter from this upcoming book, nearly 40 pages single spaced. Donations will be collected throughout the week, and the chapters will be distributed to the donors after the end of the fundraising week.

So what chapter will the donors have exclusive access to?

The chapter deals with the specific concept of the “New World Order,” from the ending of the Cold War, and the roles played by Western NGOs, foundations, think tanks, and elites in “opening up” Eastern Europe to Western domination, to the political concept of a “new world order” as articulated by intellectual elites within the United States, the concept of “global governance” as a central feature of the “new world order,” the development of centers for the study of “global governance” at major universities throughout the West, and the development and content of the curriculum of “global governance” studies as a form of social engineering undertaken largely by the dominant American foundations, designed to produce elites and intellectuals for a new global system of “global governance,” the differences between “global governance” and “global government,” and the resurgence of the promotion for a “world government” to rule the world, and a brief historical examination of the intellectual movement in promoting the concept of “world government” in the first several decades of the 20th century, as well as the development of the anti-globalization movement, and its subsequent co-optation by the major American foundations as a means to incorporate the opposition to globalization into a direct component of the process and structure of “global governance.”

It is an important chapter in the book, covering the transition from the Cold War into the New World Order, examining the ideas, institutions and individuals who were and are central to this global transformation.

For every donation over $100.00 between October 31 and November 6, 2011, the donor will receive this chapter in full!


  1. Neil Durham says:

    G’Day! Andrew,
    I was wondering on a similar note,, I have real difficulty when it comes to writing my thoughts and knowledge on paper, I just can’t seem to process my thoughts in the right sequence. And I always forget many words and replace with words that have similar meanings. I read extremely slow too and just can’t comprehend or process the information. This is especially worse when reading a large chunky text in a book, because I see movement and distracts me.

    Well anyway I’m bad at Writing essays, letters, statements and reports. Its just structuring and expressing my thoughts.

    I also can’t write physically write properly too, and my handwriting is always scruffy, wonky and hard to read.

    I feel really dumb and it has an impact on my studies, especially at University.

    • Writing isn’t easy, and the hardest part is getting enough focus to sit down and do the actual writing part. Once the writing starts, I generally lose track of time and space and all everything in between and all around and look up several hours later only to discover I missed several meals. But the hardest thing is truly getting to that point where you START typing words and articulating thoughts and ideas. No one can “teach” writing in the same sense that no one can “teach” painting; everyone has their own style, method, process, ideas, etc. The only thing that can be emphasized, then, is to simply practice. Discipline is the hardest thing to come by, and it requires effort and time and energy, like discipline in any avenue. If writing is an objective, the means must be to discipline yourself to be able to achieve such an objective. The best way to do this is to practice, over and over again, learn by writing, just write, and write… and write. It isn’t easy, but nothing worth anything comes easy. G’luck!

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