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VIDEO: Make Revolution, Not Reform: A Warning to the ‘Occupy’ Movement

For more information, see:

“End the Fed… but don’t stop there!”

“Against the Institution: A Warning for ‘Occupy Wall Street’.”

“A Revolutionary Idea for a Revolutionary Time: A Plan of Action for the Global Political Awakening.”

“The People’s Book Project.”



  1. anton says:

    Wall street protests are with a mix of groups who are against the same elite who destroyed them. The groups have many different flags and voices and ideas what to do after if the change will come but they are now one in their mission; removing the world elite which is destroying the whole world and the humanity. They should starting to create lists with names of the people who run all the high places which are together destroying the humanity,the civilization and the whole planet life. These people are known and some of them are not but after identifying must be the replacement of them and maybe of their institutions and organizations without moving to extreme left or right but moving ahead because now the life has stopped and there is no moving but the water has become to dirty and to smelly…so start with lists and advertising the criminals everywhere in the world via internet…

  2. Neil says:

    Thanks Andrew, a couple of quotes come to mind:
    “The earth is not dying, it is being killed, and those who are killing it have names and addresses.” Utah Phillips
    “I don’t know how radical you are or how radical I am. I am certainly not radical enough; that is, one must always try to be as radical as reality itself.” V. I. Lenin

  3. Croft woodruff says:

    Krishnamurti – The Real Revolution

  4. PSM says:

    One question:

    if the revolution and revolutionists such as yourself are, “so dangerous” to the Global Elite – then why have they not came after you? After all, aren’t you an alleged, “enemy” to the current status quo?

    Why keep you alive if you are such a threat as you are probably, and even whole-heartedly admit?

  5. nicholaspopov says:

    The political revolution is not so much about kalashnikovs and passionate rhetoric. A democratic revolution should be seen as a new stage of humanity’s development, primarily a new way of thinking and innovation in a system of social relations and governance. If it fails to do that then it is merely yet another ‘palace coup’ bringing grist to someone else’s mill. In the absence of the new revolutionary governance model arab democratic revolutions (“Arab spring”) were doomed to failure even before they started. Replacing leaders and elites doesn’t alters the system allowing arbitrariness.

    A new political system as a real Democratic Revolution.

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